Netherlands Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia


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Payment with cards

12 Apr 16 12 Jul 16

As from 12th april 2016 you will be able to use internationally accepted credit or debit cards to pay for services rendered by the consular section of this Embassy. Our goal is to accept as many as possible local cards. This might differ however from bank to bank.

Visa application by VFS

1 Jul 16

As of 1 July handling of visa application by VFS.

Consular Department closed

5 Jul 16

Visa and passport boxes closed.

Embassy closed

6 Jul 16 7 Jul 16

On the occasion of Eid al-Fitr. .

Embassy closed

17 Aug 16 17 Aug 15

On the occasion of Indonesian Proclamation. .

Embassy closed

12 Sep 16

Idul Adha.

Embassy closed

15 Sep 16

Internal activities

Embassy closed

12 Dec 16

On the occasion of the Birthday of Prophet Muhammad.

Consular Affairs closed

21 Dec 16

Due to training.

Embassy closed

26 Dec 16

On the occasion of Christmas.