Netherlands Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia

Provisional Residence permit (MVV)

For stay more than 3 months

If in a period of six months the applicant intends to stay in the Netherlands for longer than three months he/sheshould first apply for a provisional residence permit (MVV). As long as the MVV is still in process the applicant cannot get a Schengen visa for short stay (1-90 days). MVV stands for provisional residence permit. There are 3 ways to apply for an MVV namely.

1. By DIP procedure (apply at the DIPlomatic representation)
Applicant submit the application at the Dutch Embassy in Indonesia. The Embassy may only deal with applications of citizens of Indonesia and Timor Leste. The Embassy checks if the application and all the documents are complete.  In that case the application –after the applicant passed for the civic integration test-will be sent to the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND). The IND will contact the referent and see if the referent meets all conditions. As soon as the IND has made the decision IND will inform the referent, applicant and the Embassy. For this application the fee has to be paid (see further: Procedure and fees). After all this is the official MVV application. 

2. By REF procedure (Request for AdvicePreceding the Actual Application for a Regular Provisional Residence Permit MVV)

In this case the referent starts the procedure in the Netherlands. The referent requests the IND to seewhether he meets the conditions to perform as the referent or sponsor for the MVV application. Since the IND has to investigate the living and financial circumstances of the (future) partner in the Netherlands, the advice can only be requested in the Netherlands by the partner. If the sponsor or referent meets all conditions the referent (and the concerned Embassy) will be notified by the IND and the applicant can start to submit his/her MVV at the Embassy.

Since the referent already meets the conditions the applicant has to fulfill the conditions as well. If the applicant meets the conditions (one of this is passing for the civic integration test) the MVV can be issued.

To start this advice procedure no fee has to be paid. Only when a positive advice is given by the IND the referent will be requested to pay the fee. Around a week after payment the applicant can submit the official MVV application.

3. By the short track procedure
The application should be submitted by the concerned company or institution in the Netherlands. This procedure is only possible when the company or institution has a covenant with the IND.
The conditions are strict to qualify for this procedure. 

Requirement to appear in person

Each MVV applicant must appear in person

Whatkind of documents are at least required:

  • MVV application form, completely filled in and signed by the applicant. This is available at the Embassy or one of the consulates.
  • Recent colored photo (3,5 x 4,5 cm)
  • Copy of the page with the information regarding the bearer of the passport.

The required documents depend on the personal situation and the purpose of stay. In most cases the following documents are required;

  • Marriage certificate and translation
  • Statement of unmarried status and translation
  • Birth certificate (own and/or of the parents) and translation
  • Proof of registration study
  • Proof that the study cannot be in his own country of residence
  • Statement that the applicant does not need to take care of dependent children or other family members
  • Proof of family relationship by means of birth certificates  

Be aware all documents with exception of the Dutch documents should be presented in original and copy

NOTE: In case the applicant is a minor:

  1. original birth certificate of the child + copy
  2. original marriage certificate of the parents + copy
  3. original approval of the parent who do not travel along or do not apply for a visa, legalized by the municipality or notary + copy
  4. copy of the passport of the parent who does not travel along or who does not apply
  • in case one or both of the parents have passed away: original death certificate issued by the municipality + copy
  • in case one parent has the parental authority: original proof of the court of law + copy

Note: at the border to enter Schengen the approval may be required.

Foreign documents have tobe legalized and translated

You can find the documents you need for your personal situation on the website of the IND.
After answering a few questions the information will be provided automatically. The website is (use the residence wizard)

Procedure and fee/rates
The payment of the fee for MVV should take place in the Netherlands. Not all fees for MVV are the same. On the website of the IND you can find information about the fee per purpose of stay:

It is not possible for cash payment of the fees at the Embassy or one of the consulates

The fee rates are arranged in euros and the fee can exclusively be paid in euros to the IND bank account in the Netherlands. The payment of the due amount can be done in 2 ways:

  • The applicant/foreigner deposit the fee  on the bank account of the IND in the Netherlands by mediation of his/her (foreign) bank account or
  • The referent pays the fee on the IND bank account in the Netherlands.
  • All bank charges are at the expenses of the applicant/foreigner
  • The burden of proof of payment of the due amount within the determined term of payment rests with the applicant
  • To submit the MVV application the applicant doesn’t need to make an appointment. We advise to contact the Embassy information line 021-527 1904 (choice 1 or 3) beforehand to check if the positive advice of the IND has already been received by this Embassy. The applicant can submit his application every working day between 08:00-10:30 at this Embassy.